THE POLYUREA FACTORY one stop shop from drum to gun
Polyurea , awesome but intrecate


Since polyurea was invented it has seen its highs and lows, mostly starting with enthusiasm but has seen its dissapointments also.

Because these ups and downs seems to happen every 7 years , Jos Degraauw, owner of Degraauwtrading/Hollandpolyurea has decided that a new light need to be shed upon the matter by starting the POLYUREAFACTORY.

After spraying over 900 metric tonnes he believed that it was time that sprayers should have a more honest approach resulting in putting a beautiful product such as polyurea in a more professional way on this market.

Current formulators/system houses are more hesitant to provide openness on its formulations, often ending in failure because the wrong polyurea is used for the object.

Polyurea has the possibility to be "tweeked" to specific demand, so demands must be made clear before running it through your machine.

The polyurea factory believes there are a lot of very good polyurea sprayers out there and they need to speak their minds.

Thats why the polyurea factory puts more time into open discussions rather than selling material.

The polyurea factory has its hands on the best ingredients available, this knowledge has been gathered over the last 10 years.

This also result in best pricing, over the last years  huge volumes have been bought from various suppliers, and now that we produce our own, we know pricing!

There is no such thing as all purpose polyurea, this is just plain polyurea without the extra ingredient that make sprayers happy....

Thats the reason why we started with 3 main products which can be altered to softer, slower, harder , faster etc.

Customized to the clients demand.